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I was just notified that the website that houses my blog codes has gone under. I'm currently working on transferring them but it's a long process. Sorry! /:

In the meantime, check out what's going on with my NEW blog here: http://sweetsugarblossoms.blogspot.com/

Raising Awareness

I was contacted by {what I thought was} a stranger. . . but she turned out to be a wife, a mother, a fighter. She is a cancer survivor.
This is her story:

I had cancer. I was the mother of a 3 1/2 month old baby and I was told I had malignant pleural mesothelioma. Those words are able to cripple you with fear. I was exposed to asbestos and now I was not sure if I would live.
There is a prevailing idea that asbestos was banned. It was not. When I tell people that I got mesothelioma cancer from asbestos, they want to know where I was exposed. Well, my father worked in construction and was exposed regularly. The asbestos powder got on his clothes and he brought it home in the car and on his clothes.
When I was diagnosed, I was only 36 years old. The Mayo Clinic had only one other reported case of a person having mesothelioma that young. The majority of cases were men who had worked in trades with asbestos. Those trades were pretty much everything. Plumbing, shipbuilding, mechanics, construction and heating are just some of the jobs that exposed men to asbestos. There were jobs that exposed women too. There were school secretaries, teachers and wives who did their husbands' laundry. All of these people were at risk of getting the disease I now had.
After the husbands and wives, there were people like me. I was the beginning of a slew of sufferers who were exposed as children. These children went to the same schools where women were being exposed. They put their faces near their fathers' clothing when they hugged them, thus breathing in the powder. They crawled in attics with asbestos contaminated insulation, they wore their daddies' jackets and they rode in cars that their parent’s rode to and from work in.
I have become involved in the community of mesothelioma victims. As I get more involved, I meet more young people and get to know them. They are in their early 30s and some even in their late 20s. They have barely begun their adult lives. They have new careers, perhaps college, marriages and children. Once they are diagnosed, they have to drop everything else and focus on getting better. They are too sick to do anything else. Thankfully, modern medicine is making it so more of these young adults and even older sufferers are surviving mesothelioma.
Getting a cancer diagnosis changes your life, but I have hope and many of my peers in the mesothelioma community do as well. We have each other to share experiences with, struggle with and celebrate with. I share my story so that people will know about us. If no one knows about this disease, how will anything change? I would also like to reach those who are struggling with mesothelioma and give them hope.

I feel honored to help give her a voice in spreading the word. Thank you, Heather. YOU ROCK!!

B-I-G Changes Coming

OK! It has been a long time since I've posted but that's because I need a new direction. (I also need a blog name that isn't so over-used that it's hard to find!) SO, in the coming weeks, I'll be switching over to "SUGAR BLOSSOMS, a place for the sweet things in life". I'll still have free blog backgrounds there but I'll also add hair and makeup tips, anti-aging secrets, great recipes, and anything else that I think is suh-WEET!

I'll keep you updated here until I have everything in place for The Big Switch. Thanks for following along in my search for sweetness! (=


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I'm currently trying to revamp this place but I'm SOOO busy I can't seem to find enough time. Keep an eye out for the re-launch for the new year! =)

Craft Show

This is how I spent my Saturday:
 A big THANKS to Jenna at From Eve for teaming up with me!
 We had a fun day and made enough in sales
to continue supporting our crafting habit. =)
How was your weekend?

Easy Canvas Prints

I just received my new canvas photo from EasyCanvasPrints.com!
It's beautiful! 
Easy Canvas Prints is a place where you can turn your photos or art into canvas prints. I chose a photo that means a lot to our family and had it made into an 11 x 14 print. They have a variety of print sizes available though to fit any space in your home. They also offer photo finishes such as sepia and black & white for a small upgrade fee. It arrived quickly and was beautiful straight out of the box! I love the canvas wrapped style!
EasyCanvasPrints.com is offering Sugar & Spice readers a special price by following the link on our sidebar. These make FANTASTIC gifts so keep that in mind with the holidays coming up!
Get yours today!

NEW ITEM: Facebook Welcome Page

Your business' Facebook page can have
a 'Welcome'-ing greeting for your fans
like this one I made for my friend Jamielyn:
{^ Her blog is AmAzInG!! ^}

Any style, any size (that meets FB requirements): $20!

NEW ITEM: Facebook Sidebar

We now offer Custom Facebook Sidebar designs for your business page!
Here are some completed sidebars:
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Heads Up

Just a quick note to let you know that I'm re-loading all my backgrounds so they may disappear momentarily from your blog but it should be brief.
If yours doesn't come back, please let me know. =)


Here are some I created as 'options' but they weren't chosen.
But I still like 'em! =)

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